TIARA PAKA is a new residential development located at Paka, Dungun, which is developed by Kemaman Technology & Industrial Park (“KTIP”), a member of Ahmad Zaki Resources Berhad Group. It is a continuity from Taman Industri Paka which has been developed since 2000 and the final phase (phase 5) is expected to complete in 2019. Upon completion, the KTIP and Tiara Paka will become as the first integrated township in Paka. This development consist of 6 types of houses consist of Single Storey Terrace House, Double Storey Terrace House, Single Storey Semi-D, Double Storey Semi-D, Double Storey Bungalow and Affordable House. This development has 5 phases and is expected to be completed by 2020. A sum of 591 units is offered in this development which sits on 79 acres of land. This leasehold property comes with a built-up approximately ranging between 750 sqft to 4,693 "sqft".

The phase 1 of this development is expected to be launched in Q3 2016. The development components are (46 units of Single Storey Terrace House (Zircon) with built-up of approximately 1081 sqft , 17 units of Single Storey Terrace House (Amethyst) with built-up of approximately 1239 sqft and 20 units of Affordable House (Single Storey Terrace) with built-up of approximately 750 "sqft".

This township is furnished with 10.2 acres of Green Park where you can enjoy endless hours of fun-filled activities with your family, a kid-friendly play area and also a community centre.


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