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Driven by a profound understanding of property sentiments and visionary leadership, AZ Land & Properties Sdn Bhd (“AZ Land”) evolved from the humble beginnings of its parent company, a trusted industry leader in civil and construction works into the dynamic and forward thinking investment group as it is today. AZ Land & Properties Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 9 October 1997 under the Companies Act, 1965, formerly known as AZRB Properties Sdn Bhd.

From its maiden development at Paka Industrial Park to the forthcoming Terengganu projects namely Puncak Temala in Marang and Tiara Paka in Paka, as well as its inaugural Klang Valley project, that is, Rimbun Damansara in Kwasa Damansara township, AZ Land continues to set new benchmarks and play a pivotal role as a catalyst in community and economic change. AZ Land’s efforts in setting new lifestyle trends and improving living standards will become its signature development theme.

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